Clueless Characters

Clueless Character List

Cherilyn "Cher" Horowitz

Cher is a good-natured, sweet and popular girl who is blonde, blue-eyed and extremely attractive. She is Queen of the social scene at Bronson Alcott High School and lives in a Beverly Hills mansion with her doting father whose traits of toughness and deal-making she has inherited. Her deal-making skills often combine with her passion for matchmaking and she convinces two of her teachers that each is the secret admirer of the other, in the process negotiating her way from a C+ average to an A-.

Cher does not believe in dating whilst in high school although most of the male students at Bronson Alcott High would love to be the object of her affections. She enjoys bringing others together and matchmaking with mixed results.

Although Cher is vain, self-centered and superficial she is relatively harmless and has no idea that any of these characteristics is a character flaw. She enjoys making others happy and throughout the film seems to find increasing enjoyment in good deeds.

Dionne Davenport

Dionne is Cher's best friend and is as beautiful and popular as Cher. She is caring and a sincere ally. She is also Cher's chief fashion critic with a flair for fashion and a good eye for design. She and her boyfriend have a tumultuous relationship, much of which is spent quarreling with each other. They argue when he shaves his head but bond over Dionne's first driving experience on the freeway; Dionne cares about him and this enables her to be a little less self centered than Cher.

Tai Fraser

Tai is the archetypal ugly duckling who is transformed into a swan, both physically and in confidence and social expertise as well. With a change in hair, make-up and clothing Tai's confidence soars and she becomes comfortable owning a sense of style. After a "near-death" experience at the mall Tai's confident attitude goes into overdrive and almost poses a threat to Cher's social standing, but by the end of the film she has managed to re-gain Cher's respect and friendship.

Josh Lucas

Cher's former step-brother is ambitious and socially conscious with ambitions to become an environmental lawyer. He outwardly seems to consider Cher frivolous and selfish but also reveals a more protective side and demonstrates caring and concern for her.

Melvin "Mel" Horowitz

Cher's father is a successful barracuda of a litigator who is a workaholic and seems always to be involved in big cases in Beverly Hills. Despite being divorced from Josh's mother he remains very involved in his life because "you divorce wives, not children". He adores his daughter and is very protective.

Amber Mariens

Amber is a spoiled brat who is nonetheless popular but is despised by both Cher and Dionne. Cher likens her to a Monet painting ; "from far away it's okay, but up close its a big old mess". Amber constantly competes with Cher in all of her specialist areas, from style and fashion to popularity and the affection of boys.

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