Clueless Themes

Clueless Themes

Social Class

Social class is incredibly important at Cher's high school and for this reason is a major theme in the film. The first time the link between class and popularity is mentioned is when Tai expresses an interest in Travis, a "grungy" skateboarder, and Cher attempts to steer her towards rich, popular snob Elton instead with the objective of raising Tai's own status. Status is firmly tied to social circle and also to the outward appearance of belonging to a particular social circle, hence the seemingly superficial nature of Cher's opinion of others. In order for Tai to become more popular and fit in she is given a make-over so that in appearance at least she is recognizably a member of the high school's social elite.


Love is a major theme in this film and many of the sub-plots to the story revolve around it. We are given evidence of Cher's gift for clever manipulation when she uses the promise of love in matchmaking two lonely teachers and thereby raising her own grade for their classes. It is also love that provokes the first quarrel between Tai and Cher although Cher does not realize this at first. She is in love with her step brother unbeknownst even to herself, only realizing this when Tai expresses an interest in him.Love even overcomes social differences as ultimately Tai and Travis fall in love rendering Tai's need to be with a more elite beau obsekete. From early matchmaking to the end of the film when all of the characters are neatly in relationships and happily in love, love is the driving force of the film and a fundamental theme in its plot.

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