Clueless Cast List

Clueless Cast List

Alicia Silverstone

The wealthy queen bee who suddenly sees her popularity threatened when she befriends a new girl.

Stacey Dash

The best friend of Cher.

Brittany Murphy

The "clueless" new girl who ends up threatening Cher's position in the status quo.

Paul Rudd

Cher's ex-step brother who helps Cher to realize how privileged she is.

Donald Faison

Dionne's boyfriend.

Elisa Donovan

Cher's on-and-off again friend.

Breckin Meyer

Tai's love interest.

Jeremy Sisto

In love with Cher because they "go together," but Cher is not into him.

Dan Hedaya

Cher's father.

Justin Walker

Cher has a crush on Christian until she discovers he is gay.

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