Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo Characters

Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo Character List


Tiger is a caged Bengal tiger at the Baghdad zoo. For sixteen years, he was harrassed by Tommy. Tiger then attacked Tommy and bit his arm off. As a result, he was shot by Kev with Tommy's gun. Later, his "ghost" haunts Kev's conscience, a metaphor for PTSD. Tiger haunts Musa at the end.


Kev is a racist, rude, insensitive, macho "male American stereotype." He is in the Marines. He shoots the tiger, claiming to save his best friend but really wants to do it for the glory of "the kill." Later, he is haunted by his actions and is put on suicide watch after completating suicide. The gun falls under Musa's hands but he believes the ghost of the tiger took it. He doesn't want the gun to get back to Kev. Later kills himself, and his ghost comes to comfort Tommy at his death.


An Iraqi man who is nicknamed "Habib" by Kev. He is a translator and is trying to learn English to the best of his abilities by watching American films such as The Fast and the Furious. He used to be a gardener for Uday Hussein, and his virgin young sister was sold to him. He takes possesion of Tommy's gun after Kev loses it. He is a guardman and asks for weapons for Tommy's gun. He later shoots Tommy, who killed Uday.


Kev's friend and a Marine. He appears in the first scene and concentrates more on the task at hand, until he taunts and harasses the tiger at Kev's encouragement. He gets his hand bitten off and is sent back to America for surgery. He comes back to Iraq, with no intention of being Kev's friend and having no recognition, just the intention of getting his gun. He later uses Musa as a translator for a prostitute. He takes Musa out to the desert for a gold toilet seat before getting shot. Killed Uday, prior to the play.


A ghost. Uday Hussein, carrying his brother's head in his hand. He advises Musa to stop helping the Americans and go back to helping his own people. He makes Musa look like a traitor and he pushes him around. Killed by Americans, including Tommy. Had sex with Hadia.

Iraqi Man

A man in the market.

Iraqi Woman

A woman in the market.

Iraqi Teenager

A prostitute that Tommy sleeps with. She asks a lot of questions. Musa serves a translator between her and Tommy. Also appears in the market.


A leper in the desert. Comforts Tommy.


A ghost. The younger sister of Musa who was brought to Uday as a sex slave. She later died. She haunts Musa.

Arabic Vocalist

Caller of "Islamic Call to Prayer" in background.

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