Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo


A tiger lives in the Baghdad Zoo. He tells the audience that most of the animals have fled to "freedom" because of the Iraq Invasion, only to be shot dead by soldiers. That night, United States soldiers come to guard the zoo. The tiger, driven by fear and hunger, bites off the hand of Tom, a soldier. Kev, another soldier, shoots the tiger, mortally wounding him. He dies slowly.

Kev finds himself haunted by the ghost of the tiger, who wanders about Baghdad. Due to an outburst while searching an Iraqi's home, Kev is sent to the hospital. Back in Baghdad with a prosthetic hand, Tom pays a visit to Kev less out of compassion for a broken-minded buddy than for a more practical purpose.

It is revealed that the gun Kev used to shoot the tiger was taken from the palace of the late Uday Hussein. Tom wants the gun back so he can start a new life in the United States by selling not only the gold-plated gun, but a solid gold toilet seat. During the exchange, however, the gun falls into the hands of Uday's former gardener, Musa, who is also working as a translator for the soldiers. He is visited repeatedly by Uday's ghost.

The rest of the show involves the living characters interacting with the dead ones as the war happens around them.[2][3][4]

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