5. Think about the structure of Zeitoun. Why is parts III and V so short?

Why is parts III and V so short?

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Parts III and V both represent departures from Eggers' characteristic mode of storytelling. While he usually alternates between multiple perspectives, he relates the events of Part III entirely from Kathy's perspective. This gives him an attempt to focus on her subjectivity--which has thus far received less attention than Zeitoun's--while also emphasizing her profound fear and anxiety about her husband's fate. Part V represents another shift in perspective; it is told by an omniscient narrator, rather than one who is limited to Zeitoun and Kathy's points of view. This is appropriate because it reveals information that Zeitoun and Kathy could not know, helping to elevate the story to a more universal story with implications broader than those concerning solely the Zeitoun family. It also makes it clear that the opinions expressed in the conclusion are those of Eggers, rather than his subjects.