Treasure Island

What happens in the second part of the movie heidi ?

I am happy for all answers and to take any questions you have:and th novel isnt on treasure island i just selected it for the category :0

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There are so many versions of Heidi, it is difficult to say what the second part entails. There was one in 1937, 1968, 1975, 1993. Still, we can expect that a Heidi movie would, more or less, follow the book. Here is an excerpt about the latter part of the film released in 1937,

When orphaned Heidi is left at her grandfather's mountain cabin by her mean aunt Dete, she isn't welcome. The old man has been living alone for many years and still holds a grudge against Heidi's parents for marrying against his wishes. Slowly however, the old man grows to love the child and provides her with a loving, caring home. Dete returns unexpectedly and takes the child to live in the Seseman household and to be a companion for Klara who is confined to a wheelchair. Heidi and Klara become fast friends but she is not welcomed by the head housekeeper, Frau Rottenmeier. When Heidi teaches Clara to walk again, Frau Rottenmeier sees her future employment threatened and tries to sell her to the gypsies. Meanwhile, the grandfather sells his most cherished personal belongings as he sets off to find his little granddaughter.