Treasure Island

Has the character Jim changed in the course of the novel so far?

Has jim changed?

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Occasionally people describe Treasure Island as a coming-of-age novel. We can totally see why, because it involves a boy going on an adventure. He has to make some kind of personal transition over the course of fighting pirates and finding treasure, right? And we certainly agree that Jim's journey from his parents' small country inn to Treasure Island and back leaves him with the kind of experience most of us can only dream of.

Even so, we're not totally convinced that Jim's experiences have brought him to adulthood. You can change and still remain a kid – otherwise, childhood would be completely boring and static. Jim's a teenager, so of course he is learning new things. But that doesn't mean that he's reached some well-defined new stage of his life, which is what "coming of age" seems to imply.