Touching Spirit Bear

Why did Cole want to become invisible? What did the fish in the pond symbolize?

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The desire to be invisible is fulfilled by soaking in the pond. Because the cold water of the pond relaxed him and cleared his mind, Cole also felt invisible. The fish would swim up to him and it would be like he wasn't there. Soaking helped Cole realize that he wasnt important to nature, compared to the Earth Cole was just invisible.

Cole's quest for invisibility is an example of Man vs. Self. Cole tries and tries and tries, yet he can't seem to achieve 'invisibility'. The inciting incident is when Cole realizes that he needs to become 'invisible' to be able to get near the spirit bear again. Then, during the rising action, Cole is attempting to achieve invisibility. At the climax, Cole thinks he realizes what invisibility really is. In the falling action, Cole sees the Spirit Bear again. In the resolution, Cole sees the Bear with Peter.


The fish in the pond represent invisibility. They approach Cole because he has attained the state of nothingness, therefore the fish come near without fear because Cole had attained a clear mind.......