To Kill a Mockingbird

Who would YOU say is the "Mockingbird" of the story?

And why?

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I don't think Harper Lee intended for only one character to be a mockingbird.

If you really want a character, i think it would be Tom Robinson and "Boo" Arthur Radly. Tom Robinson being accused of something he didnt do, he is acctually innocent and good hearted, he dosent hurt anyone, like the mocking bird. Authur Radly also known as the Malovent Phantom. His character was demonized and he is the small town's outcast. He did not do anything to hurt anyone and is defitnely not a Malovent phantom, however because he never steps out of his house, people are afriad of him, the unknown. To kill a mocking bird is a sin because the mocking bird do nothing to hurt others, just like Boo Radly and Tom Robinson. The Ewells accused Tom of raping, anf the judges are all white and when he was accused, it seems like his fate was already decided, he will be hanged, because he was black. As for Boo Radly, people are scard of the unknown, and so they slowly destroy his character and children in town are taught from small to be afriad of Boo Radly. Ridiculus rumours passing around the town, about how scary and evil Boo Radly is. By doing that they are killing Boo Radly emotionally. It is a sin to kill a mocking bird because they do nothing to hurt others, and so it is wrong to kill the micking bird. And both Tom Robinson and Boo Radly do nothing to hurt others, but others want to hurt them which is wrong of the people to do so. The mocking birds in the story are Tom Robinson and Boo Arthur Radly.

Well Tom is the main mockingbird, but most of the other characters are as well.

Boo radley or TOm