To Kill a Mockingbird

What does Jem offer to do as a way of apologizing to Mrs. Dubose? what is her reponse?

i am almost 100% he wasn't the one to offer the reading to Mrs. Dubose... was it something else that JEM offered not Mrs. Dubose?  please help! chapter 11

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Jem offered to work in Mrs. Dubose's yard to try and undo the damage every Saturday.

“I cleaned it up for her and said I was sorry, but I ain’t, and that I’d work on ‘em ever Saturday and try to make ’em grow back out.”

Mrs. Dubose's response was to tell Jem she wanted him to come over and read to her.

Jem seemed fascinated by a rose in the carpet. “Atticus,” he said, “she wants me to read to her.”


To Kill a Mockingbird