To Kill a Mockingbird

Describe the difference of point of view between uncle jack and scout with the altercation with Francis.

Analyze pov

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Uncle Jack jumps to conclusions about the altercation between Francis and Scout. He fails to listen to Scout's side of the story. He gives a blanket judgment instead. Scout only wanted a fair hearing before Uncle Jack judged the situation. Uncle Jack actually leaned something from Scout that night!

Scout's and Jack's opinions on the altercation are quite similar, although Jack is blinded by a narrow minded view of the situation, and the assumption that Scout was unjustified in using the fowl language that she yelled at Francis.

After the altercation Jack is convinced through his and his alone viewing of the altercation, that Scout is in the wrong.

Although, once you follow the scene through, Jack becomes aware of the specific set of circumstances that lead Scout to her use of words. Jack soon becomes aware of his wrongly preconceived ideas of the altercation and realises his unjust punishment, aswell as the mindset of children and their innocence.


Lee Harper - To Kill A Mockingbird - Pages 93-96