To Build a Fire

Why does the man build two fires? What happens in each fire? What are the results from these events?

Be sure to include what happens to the man and to the dog by the end of the story

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The man actually builds three fires. He builds the first fire to thaw out his fingers and toes; the second when he gets wet in the creek; the third fire under the snowy tree. The dog really doesn't want to leave any of the fires but the man pushes on, after the first two, because he thinks he can beat nature at her own game. He makes the mistake with the third fire because he lacked judgment from his cold and desperation.

what's the man's mission ?

the man's mission is to meet a friend of his at an old junction by 6.

yes, meet friends at an old junction by six o' clock but he ends up freezing to death after the cold.