Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

describe "The Pride of the Thames" in your own words.

chapter XIX

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The "Pride of the Thames looked like a "chunk of wood" recently dug up from somewhere and damaged in the process. Jerome thought it looked like some "Roman Relic", perhaps a coffin of some sort.

The Pride of the Thames is seem to be a old piece of wood recently excavated and damaged during the process of digging out. Jim regarded it as a relic of Roman times- perhaps the relic of a coffin. A geologist considered the boat as the fossil of a whale from pre-historic times.

You will get your complete answer in the folowing extract:

"Oh, yes; you’re the party that wrote for a double sculling skiff. Its all right. Jim, fetch round The Pride of the Thames.
The boy went, and re-appeared five minutes afterwards, struggling with an antediluvian chunk of wood, that looked as though it had been recently dug out of somewhere, and dug out carelessly, so as to have been unnecessarily damaged in the process.
My own idea, on first catching sight of the object, was that it was a Roman relic of some sort, relic of what I do not know, possibly of a coffin.
The neighbourhood of the upper Thames is rich in Roman relics, and my surmise seemed to me a very probable one; but our serious young man, who is a bit of a geologist, pooh-poohed my Roman relic theory, and said it was clear to the meanest intellect (in which category he seemed to be grieved that he could not conscientiously include mine) that the thing the boy had found was the fossil of a whale; and he pointed out to us various evidences proving that it must have belonged to the preglacial period.
To settle the dispute, we appealed to the boy. We told him not to be afraid, but to speak the plain truth: Was it the fossil of a pre-Adamite whale, or was it an early Roman coffin?
The boy said it was The Pride of the Thames"


Three Men In A Boat pdf as given by CBSE

The river is described very much like a person throughout the novel at times it is calm and tranquil and other times it is difficult and fussy the men develop a relationship with the drives Thames that fits into narrative much like an other character would

The pride of Thames is seem to be a old piece of chunk of wood recently dugged out and damaged during the process j regarded the relic of Roman times perhaps the relic of the coffin a geologist considered the boat as a fossil and the whales of pre historic time are the true pride of Thames river