Things Fall Apart

What is the relationship Nwoye, Wives, and Daughters have with Okonkwo? Now how does Okonkwo feel about them?

What is their relationship between each other?

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Okonkwo is the man of the house, the head of the family, and he runs his family in the same way in which a dictator runs his country. He has three wives; Nwoye's mother, Ekwefi, and Ojiugo. Their jobs are to prepare his food, take care of his home, and raise the children..... period. If they disobey or step out of line, they're beaten. Okonkwo sees the women as his property

Ezinma is Okonkwo's oldest daughter (and his favorite). She is the one person he drops his hard, tough exterior with. Ezinma also seems to easily adapt to her father's moods.

Nwoye is the oldest son. He loves his father, but his father seems unable to return his affection. Okonkwo has high expectations for Nwoye and often criticizes him. Sadly, their relationship turns sour after Ikemefuna’s murder. It's after this that Nwoye loses all respect for his father and never forgives him.


Things Fall Apart