Things Fall Apart

What effect does Achebe achieve with his use of an amphora in the first page of this chapter?

Chapter 20

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An amphora is a handled jar. Are you sure you've typed the question out correctly?


"Okonkwo knew these things. He knew that he had lost his place among the nine masked spirits who administered justice in the clan. He had lost the chance to lead his warlike clan against the new religion, which, he was told, had gained ground. He had lost the years in which he might have taken the highest titles in the clan. But some of these losses were not irreparable. He was determined that his return should be marked by his people. He would return with a flourish, and regain the seven wasted years. "

I believe Achebe achieves an immensely descriptive view of Okonkwo's determination to reinstate himself within the clan. The reader can almost see Okonkwo gritting his teeth and setting his jaw. This use of anaphora leaves no doubt as to Okonkwo's purpose, focus, or strength of character when he returns home.


Things Fall Apart