The Tempest

I have a homework peice to do a paragraph on the relationship between Antonio and Prospero, and i dont know wat to do!!!


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Antonio usurped the dukedom of Milan from his brother Prospero, while Prospero was absorbed in study. Antonio is probably the least scrupulous character in the play, and he is the originator of another plot to take the throne from Alonso through more murders: this plot is engineered by Prospero, and made possible by Ariel's magical powers. He is typically sarcastic and remote, and unrepentant of his crimes. Prospero wants his revenge to be sure. In the end, however, it is not revenge that sets things right but Prospero's forgiveness that does. I'm not sure these two will have a few ales together but turning hate into forgiveness allows Prospero to reclaim his Dukedom and not stay on some island bitter for the rest of his days.