The Secret Life of Bees

How do Lily and Rosaleen redeem each other?

how do they redeem each other from their problems

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Rosaleen does much to help Lily through her struggles. She runs away with her and holds Lily accountable for the things she is trying to escape from. She encourages Lily to come clean with August, even if it means they will have to abandon their new life in Tiburon. Throughout the novel, Rosaleen acts as a motherly figure toward Lily. She provides thoughtful advice or a well-timed pat on the knee. Rosaleen promises to stay by Lily's side no matter what she encounters. Lily helps Rosaleen by simply being there. She gives Rosaleen purpose and defends Rosaleen during the bleakest of circumstances. Lily keeps Rosaleen grounded as Rosaleen keeps Lily grounded.