The Scarlet Pimpernel

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In Act I, Macbeth pays closest attention to the witches’ prediction that names him (Points : 3)

the choice for thane of Glamis.

the heir to the duchy of York.

the next thane of Ross.

the future king of Scotland.

2. King Duncan’s treatment of Macbeth and his behavior in general show him to be (Points : 3)

a determined and unforgiving man.

a silly, proud man.

a daring and valiant man.

an impartial and just man.

3. Macbeth is like other Shakespearean protagonists in that he (Points : 3)

is wed to a malicious woman.

lacks any dangerous opponents.

has Scottish heritage.

suffers from a tragic flaw.

4. The tragic flaw that motivates Macbeth’s actions is (Points : 3)

his reckless pride.

his unfounded vanity.

his ambitious nature.

his rampant dishonesty.

5. Short speeches delivered in the presence of another character, but directed to and heard only by the audience, are (Points : 3)





6. When Lady Macbeth first suggests killing the king, (Points : 3)

she plans to carry out the murder herself, but Macbeth wants to pay assassins.

she is keen to act, but Macbeth hesitates.

she is cautious, but Macbeth is eager to act.

she advises acting privately, but Macbeth wants to kill Duncan openly.

7. Macbeth’s new power and ambition make him (Points : 3)

angry and proud.

wise and merciful.

calm and confident.

fearful and corrupt.

8. Why does Macbeth pay killers to murder Banquo and Fleance? (Points : 3)

Macduff insists on Banquo’s death.

Banquo murdered King Duncan.

Banquo and his heirs have a claim to the throne.

Lady Macbeth may harm the king if Banquo lives.

9. The parade of Scottish kings in Act IV most likely serves to (Points : 3)

honor the memory of King Duncan.

give the history of Macbeth’s royal line.

pay homage to Shakespeare’s queen, Elizabeth I.

please Shakespeare’s patron, King James I, who was of Scottish descent.

10. Macbeth’s second visit to the witches and the predictions he hears make him (Points : 3)

more cautious and thoughtful.

more bold and cruel.

more afraid of Lady Macbeth.

more willing to kill Duncan.

11. Of what duality does Lady Macduff become aware before she is murdered? (Points : 3)

that doing harm is “often laudable,” but doing good may be “the surest way to anger Macbeth”

that doing harm is “often laudable,” but doing good may be “more laudable”

that doing harm is “often laudable,” but doing good may be “a wife’s duty”

that doing harm is “often laudable,” but doing good may be “dangerous folly”

12. In Act IV, Macduff becomes angry with Malcolm when Malcolm (Points : 3)

doubts his own ability to rule wisely.

enlists the assistance of the English king.

raises an army to overrun Scotland.

complains about Macbeth’s tyranny and plots against him.

13. What do readers learn about Macduff from his words and actions upon hearing that his wife and children have been killed? (Points : 3)

that he is light-hearted and forgiving

that he is cunning and hard-hearted

that he is inept and cowardly

that he is compassionate and soft-hearted

14. Lady Macbeth’s actions and disturbed sleep are evidence of her (Points : 3)

steadfast support of her husband.

hopes of tricking the doctor and the gentlewoman.

guilt and mental fragility.

charismatic and regal personality.

15. After his wife dies and the predictions made by the apparitions come true, Macbeth (Points : 3)

still believes he can defeat Malcolm and survive.

knows he is going to die, but vows to die fighting.

surrenders to Macduff and pleads for mercy.

swears he will find the witches and have revenge.

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the future king of Scotland

a determined and unforgiving man

suffers from a tragic flaw

his ambitious nature


she is keen to act, but Macbeth hesitates

fearful and corrupt