The Scarlet Letter

Whar did Hester tell Roger Chillingworth when they met on the peninsula

ch 14-17

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Hester tells Chillingsworth that she plans on telling Dimmesdale exactly who he is and what their relationship has been.

"When we last spake together," said Hester, "you bound me to secrecy touching our former relations. But now I must reveal the secret. He must discern thee in thy true character. What may be the result I know not. So far as concerns the overthrow or preservation of his fair fame and his earthly state, and perchance his life, he is in thy hands. Nor do I--whom the scarlet letter has disciplined to truth--nor do I perceive such advantage in his living any longer a life of ghastly emptiness, that I shall stoop to implore thy mercy. Do with him as thou wilt! There is no good for him, no good for me, no good for thee! There is no good for little Pearl!"


The Scarlet Letter