The Scarlet Letter

Hester brave and humbel. Which quotes and page numbers is an example of that?

Give 2 examples.

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‘Nay, then, wear it, if it suit you better,’ rejoined he, ‘A woman must needs follow her own fancy touching the adornment of her person. The letter is gaily embroidered, and shows right bravely on your bosom!’

It was perceived, too, that while Hester never put forward even the humblest title to share in the world’s privileges—further than to breathe the common air and earn daily bread for little Pearl and herself by the faithful labour of her hands—she was quick to acknowledge her sisterhood with the race of man whenever benefits were to be conferred. None so ready as she to give of her little substance to every demand of poverty, even though the bitter-hearted pauper threw back a gibe in requital of the food brought regularly to his door, or the garments wrought for him by the fingers that could have embroidered a monarch’s robe.

Thank you. Which page number? 

Sorry, that quote is on Page 253 of my text.