The Scarlet Letter

At the end of chapter 11, what three things do we find out Dimmesdale does? Why does he do them?

chapter 11

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We also learn that he whips himself to try to purify his body. We find out more about his hidden secret that causes him to feel such guilt and pain when he sees Hester and Pearl in his thoughts with Pearl pointing to the scarlet letter and then to his breast,

He longed to tell that he was a pollution and a lie but he just never could. He gave hints, but every time the poeple sucked it up and loved him even greater. So he starts to whip himself to try and rid himself of sin and onne time after a whippeing so harse he hallucinates seeing his mother and father who turn away from him. THen he sees Hester and Pearl, his cheater and daughter. Pearl then points at Hesters bosum and then to Dimmes bosum. Dimmesdale has burnt an A onto his chest. Dimmesdale also mounts the scaffold as sort of a public testament to try to sooth his hurting soul.