The Phantom Tollbooth

Who is the first person meets at the forest and why was he acting strange

Who did he meet and why did he act strange

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What chapter are you referring to?

He meets two people. Alec Bings and the Giant.

Alec Bings:

- Grows in a weird manner. Unlike humans, he and people like him would start growing from upwards and when they're older they reach the ground.

- His uncle looks at the other side of every question, his sister Alice overlooks everything, his mother looks after things, his dad looks to things and Alec himself can look through things but can't see what is happening right in front of his nose.

- Leads Milo, Tock and the Humbug to the city of "Reality" and "Illusions"

The Giant:

- To short men, he is tall, to tall men he is as small as a midget, to fat people he is skinny and to skinny people he is fat.

- (Read the conversation between Milo and the Giant.)

- In reality, he is a normal human being but different people have different perspectives.