The Pearl

how does setting reflect the mood and emotions of Kino, Juana and Coyotito

"The wind blew fierce and strong, and it pelted them with bits of sticks, sand, and little rocks. Juana and Kino gathered their clothing tigher about them and covered their noses and went out in the world. The sky was brushed clean by the wind and the stars were cold in a black sky. The two walked carefully, and they avoided the centre of the town where some sleeper in doorway might see them pass. for the town closed itself in against the night, and anyone who moved about in the darkness would be noticeable.

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Kino and Juana are fleeing their home in response to hostility and jealousy. Unfortunately, the weather had much in common with the mood of the town, and their departure is marred by hostile, violent weather.


The Pearl