The Pearl

"A plan is a real thing, and things projected are experienced. A plan once made and visualized becomes a reality along with other realities-never to be destroyed but easily to be attacked."

Pls help interpret this quote.

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Kino is lamenting on how a man's plans are never his own. Once made they are on display for everyone to see. For this reason they are attacked. Kino feels that The Gods dislike mans plans because they do not come from them but rather man's own vanity, "that the gods do not love men's plans, and the gods do not love success unless it comes by accident. He knew that the gods take their revenge on a man if he be successful through his own efforts." KIno also knows the secret hearts of other men who wish to destroy the success of other men. So although KIno is steadfast to see his plan to fruition, he feels quite alone in defending it from both the heavens and earthly forces.