The Outsiders

what happened to ponyboy after he left the hospital? describe his condition


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In Chapter Ten, Ponyboy walks home from the hospital by himself, pretending that Johnny isn't really dead. He ends up wandering around "in a stupor" until a man in his mid-twenties asks him if he needs a ride. The man points out that Ponyboy is bleeding, and Ponyboy discovers that his head is injured.

When he is dropped off at his house, Ponyboy finds the remainder of the gang in the living room, tending their wounds from the rumble. When Darry asks where he has been, Ponyboy has to break the news that Johnny has died. The gang responds with "stricken silence." He also reports that Dallas has run off, since he couldn't take it. Ponyboy starts shaking; his heart is beating loudly and he feels as if he will fall over.