The Outsiders

What contrast do Ponyboy's education compared to Dally's?

what are the boys like in academics

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Both boys are very intelligent and good at acedemics. Dally could have wnt to college on scholarship (football) but had to support the family when their parents died. Pony too is creative and intelligent. He gets good marks even though there is so much going on in his personal life.

Pony Boy gets good grades and works hard. Darry did the same, but his education came to an end because of circumstances;

"But we just didn't have the money for him to go to college, even with the athletic scholarship he won. And now he didn't have time between jobs to even think about college. (1.81)"

By the close of the novel, we find that unlike his brother Pony Boy will go to college and become successful. He'll have the opportunities his brother did not.

And I decided I could tell people, beginning with my English teacher. (12.71)

Pony realizes the he can be an educator too. He can take the things he's learned and share them with others, in the hopes of making the world a better place.

I should add that there is hope that, unlike Dally, Pony will stay in school and transcend his Greaser status.

Both of you are wrong you are confusing Dally for Darry. Darry could have went to college but choose not to to support his brothers when their mom and dad died. Dally's education does not compare i am not sure if Dally went to college but Dally is no where as intelligent as Ponyboy. If you want Darry, Darry is significantly more intelligent than Ponyboy. Darry, on the other hand, wants Ponyboy to take the opportunity that he was not able to have. Hope this helps and clarifies everything. BTW I accidentally put my email where my name should be sorry.