The Old Man and the Sea

What did Santiago kill the fish with? What time was it?

The old man and the sea

around page 60-90

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Santiago killed the marlin with his harpoon.

The old man dropped the line and put his foot on it and lifted the harpoon as high as he could and drove it down with all his strength, and more strength he had [93] just summoned, into the fish’s side just behind the great chest fin that rose high in the air to the altitude of the man’s chest. He felt the iron go in and he leaned on it and drove it further and then pushed all his weight after it.

Santiago killed the fish a little after noon.

He looked up at the sky and then out to his fish. He looked at the sun carefully. It is not much more than noon, he thought. And the trade wind is rising. The lines all mean nothing now. The boy and I will splice them when we are home.


The Old Man and the Sea