The Odyssey

Why is the "Odyssey" a story read by so many after years and years?

This book is by Homer, and i need an extended answer with lts of information and details.

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Specific details plus your original question would take more space than this platform has. It is an epic poem and "lots of details" would go on, well longer than it took for Odysseus to reunite with Penelope. So check the quote below out(its origin is in my source link). then follow the GradeSaver source link to the summary. all your details will be there.

"Odysseus is the man of sorrows. His journey is symbolic of your life. You move through different locations, times, relationships and people don't you? At times you're separated from your loved ones and miss them greatly don't you? You have or will suffered loss and it's changed you hasn't it? You've made mistakes and paid the price for your pride or selfishness haven't you? In the end all your dreams or your pursuit of glory and riches will never be matched by the simple comforts of home and your loved ones.

That's the story of the Odyssey and why it's universal. It is life mythologized. The challenges in your life may not be a Cyclops or a whirlpool or crashing rocks, but you'll face off against narrow minded people, feel like you're drowning under the weight of responsiblity, and get stuck between a rock and hard place. The entire tale is symbolic of human existence and applicable to us all."