The Monkey's Paw

Why doesn't anybody ever wish for unlimited wishes? Are there any ways that wish could backfire?

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This, of course, asks for your own opinion rather than mine. What do you think might be the drawback of unlimited wishes? Would you stop appreciating the things you have? Would you abandon the people important to your life? I think there is always a price attached to anything we are given in life. This cost is often much greater than what money has to offer.

We can always wish unlimitedly and, we can up to a great extent make them happen too. In fact, it is human tendency to wish continuously and, the fulfillment of one wish leads to the emergence of another. But,most of us end up putting a brake to our wishes at some or the other part of our lives. Reason? The commitment towards our family, friends, society, country and this whole world always makes us to compromise or to find happiness in someone else's dreams and aspirations. This is why we are human.

We have several examples from world history that people who wished unscrupulously ended up on a bad note or never lived to fulfill their wishes. Hitler, Alexander the Great, Napolean are some of them. Even if we try to fulfill our wishes unstoppably we somewhere find our selves alone. Because no one wants to match that pace or rather, does not want to be a part of the backlash which is soon to follow.


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