The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

i have alot if questions...

1. describe 3 Brom plays on ichabod?

2.What kind of party does Baltus Van Tussel invite ichabod to attend?

3.As a result of the party, what time does icabod dismiss his students?

4.Who is Hans van Ripper, and what does icabod borrow from him? 

5.describe gun powder. Why is his name ironic.

6.who among the guest is wearing eel skin and why?

7.what two talents does ichabod posses that he is proud of?

8. who is st vitus? who is compared to him? what does this refrence mean?

9.what is the setting of sleep hallow?

10.who is doffe martling, and what is his story?

11. who is mynheer martling and what is his story?

12. Why do other towns not seem to have as many ghost stories as sleepy hallow?

13. Who is the woman in white, and wehat is her story?

14.Where is the headless horseman reportedly seen the most?

15.who is old Brouwer story does brom have to tell?

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Please limit your question to no more than two per capsule.

1)  They harried his hitherto peaceful domains; smoked out his singing-school, by stopping up the chimney; broke into the school-house at night, in spite of its formidable fastenings of withe and window-stakes, and turned every thing topsy-turvy: so that the poor schoolmaster began to think all the witches in the country held their meetings there. But what was still more annoying, Brom took all opportunities of turning him into ridicule in presence of his mistress, and had a scoundrel dog whom he taught to whine in the most ludicrous manner, and introduced as a rival of Ichabod’s to instruct her in

2) He invited him to "a merry-making or “quilting frolic.."