The Jungle

How successful is Jurgis in crushing the caring, warm person within him? Provide evidence to support your response.

chapter twenty two.

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I don't think that he crushes it more than he re-evaluates himself. His life on the road as a tramp isn't so much an indictment of Jurgis. Although he does things he isn't proud of, he still retains his caring manner. At one point he sleeps with a prostitute. This is an exploitation of people he rails against. He feels bad after that night, but he quashes those feelings and sets off on the road again. One night, he finds the house of a farmer and immigrant Slav like himself. He and the man talk and Jurgis watches as the man’s wife bathes their one-year-old son. As he looks at the baby, Jurgis feels intense pain over the loss of his son and weeps and cries and leaves the house.