The Hunger Games

what can i right about the hunger games when it shows beastliness ? facts plz

beastliness: rude, mean etc. as much facts as u can find

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Gale's resentment: Each child, age 12 to 18, is required to enter his or her name for the district's lottery, with the older children putting their names in proportionally more times. However, Panem uses a system wherein children can enter their names extra times in exchange for tesserae, vouchers for a year's worth of meager grain and oil. Obviously, this system discriminates against poorer citizens who need the extra resources and hence make themselves more likely tributes. Both Katniss and Gale have had to enter their names multiple times from the time they were 12, whereas someone like Madge has always been able to enter the minimal number of times. Katniss reflects that this unfairness is not accidental, but yet another way that the Capitol encourages distrust amongst its citizens so as to limit the chances of unity within the districts.


Meaness and goodness (both are represented)

Effie reads the name of the male tribute: Peeta Mellark, the son of the baker. This name saddens Katniss, since Peeta once showed her a great act of kindness she has never forgotten. She explains how, in the period after her father's death when her mother was useless and she had not yet learned to hunt, she had been caught by Peeta's cruel mother while trying to steal some scraps from the baker's trash bin. She was standing out in the rain, still shocked from the reprimand, when she heard the mother curse and whip her son Peeta for burning two loafs of bread. When Peeta came out to throw the ruined bread away, he gave them to Kaniss instead, which not only fed her family for the day but also gave her a hope that sustained her for many years.



Effie fetches Katniss to a succulent dinner with her and Peeta. She is shocked at having such a fine dinner, and the exquisite detail she uses to describe her meals becomes a repeated motif throughout the novel. When Effie expresses her pleasure at their use of utensils, lambasting previous District 12 tributes for their "savage" table manners, Katniss eats with her hands to express her disapproval of Effie's attitude.



thanks o u know any more for beastliness?

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