The Hunger Games

pros' and cons' of your opinion on "the hunger games."


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I originally picked this book up expecting something in the vain of the Twilight series. I was so pleasantly surprised.

Oh yes the Pros and Cons,


-Round characters. Author gives us enough detail and room to really get to know an interesting protagonist and minor characters.

-Katniss is a strong female protagonist. There are not many of those.

-The exposition is interesting and the rising action is quick and consistent.

-There is a lot of action but it is always character driven.

- A fantasy dystopia very relatable to themes today.

Cons (not many)

-Although the main characters are round, they lack range of emotional intensity. This, however, is part of the young adult genre so it makes sense.

-The romance part of it is always kept vague, like it is an afterthought by the author.