The Hunger Games

How is Katniss critical of Peeta's high MORAL standards?

....How is Katniss critical of Peeta's high MORAL standards?...

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Peeta does everything for Katniss. Even as children, he is compelled to share bread with a hungry Katniss. Despite his father and mother's wishes, he leaves the house to feed Katniss. Peeta maintains these selfless standards as he tries to help Katniss through the games. Peeta's moral standards seem to reflect Katniss's moral standards. They do not want to kill people and have sympathy for the most vulnerable and innocent tributes. Peeta seems to follow Katniss's lead in staying out of the battle unless it is necessary: they are both content to hide and let the violence play out without them for as long as possible. Peeta is also willing to kill himself in his suicide pact with Katniss should the President Snow not back down. He knows that he is not only fighting for their lives but making a moral and political statement.