The Hot Zone

what experiment confirmed that ebola could travel through the air in the book "hot zone"

the ebola that travels through the air and gets people sick

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The test begins on page 215. This was the test Jahrling completed. It was an extremely significant period of the book; ebola is airborne.

Observation: The Monkeys were infected with an unknown disease, therefore, experiments must be done to try and find out what it was. He got three blood samples (Musoke's,Bonfifaces, and Mayinga's)

Question: What is the virus causing the deaths of these monkeys? What is causing their spleen to harden? What is causing them to die off like this?

Hypothesis: The blood serums of the three blood samples would react with this unknown virus. The blood would glow in the presence of the target virus.

Experiment: Jahrling had to put droplets of cells from the monkey culture onto glass slides, then let them dry. Then, he would treat it with chemicals. He then would drop the blood serums on the slides. If the blood glowed, it be the presence of the virus.

Results: Mayinga's blood was quite possibly ebola zaire. Jahrling did the test two times just in case he made an accident. The result was the same.

Conclusion: The monkeys did not have marburg, but ebola!