The Hot Zone

what caused the outbreak in sudan add zaire? what was the problem and how did they test the virus?

can someone help me as fast as possible

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The narrative now flashes back to 1976 and the outbreak of two strains of the Ebola virus, beginning with Yu G. A quiet storekeeper in the town of Nzara, Sudan, Yu G. dies at home from Ebola and is buried in a traditional Zande funeral. It is unclear where or how Yu G. becomes infected, but a few days after his death, two of his co-workers develop similar symptoms. One of these men, known as P.G., has a wide circle of friends and exposes many people in the town. Before long, the Sudan strain of the virus has traveled to a hospital in the town of Maridi, where it quickly spreads through the medical staff and patients. The outbreak ends only when the surviving medical staff abandons the hospital and inadvertently break the chain of infection.

Two months later, there is another outbreak of the Ebola virus in a district of Zaire called Bumba. Nearly twice as deadly as the Sudan strain, Ebola Zaire initially surfaces at the Yambuku Mission Hospital, where Belgian nuns are treating hundreds of villagers with the same five hypodermic syringes.