The Hiding Place

how did her stay at the hospital in groningen help heal her emotionally and physically?

after corries grueling trip to freedom in hollward.

consider what she says about lying in bed during her first night in the hospital.

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Corrie receives a certificate of discharge and a railway pass from the German to the Dutch border. With freedom so close at hand, the shame of stripping for another medical inspection leaves Corrie frustrated. The young doctor declares that she has edema, which causes swelling the legs. Corrie makes her way to the hospital to wait until the edema clears when she will be released. The hospital holds miserable women from a bombed train. Amid the horrible sounds and smells, Corrie would like to feel stony indifference to the suffering around her. Although four women die that night, Corrie tries to think only of her own need. However, she cannot shut out sounds and eventually comes to the aid of women who are screaming for bedpans. The women’s gratitude is heart wrenching and they ask Corrie who she is and why she is helping. In reply, Corrie reflects that today is Christmas, a day for giving and receiving.