The Heart of the Matter

What is the relationship between Henry Scobie and Yusef?

What do they have in common and what where Yesef's intentions for Scobie? Was it that he wanted a friend or he wanted to corrupt Scobie?

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Yusef blackmails Scobie after finiding a love letter he'd written to Helen. This isn't surprising, as he also makes his living selling stolen goods.


The Heart of the Matter

Henry Scobie is obviously a man who is only doomed by his sense of pity.His friendship to Yusuf only starts after the death of Pemberton, as it may have occurred to you this led him to borrow money from this moslem trader who is only looking at their friendship as away to get people around to think good of him.However to a certain point their friendship is a healthy one as they feel very comfortable relating to each other.Theu share gin and numerous conversations.