The Great Gatsby

Why Do You Believe Nick Decided to call this story The Great Gatsby?

Give specific examples from the text

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Gatsby embodies the American Dream; he has it all and he worked hard to get it. The American Dream is something you have to work for, that's what makes it great. Fitzgerald also cites that Gatsby was just a kid from the midwest who left to fight the 'great war;' he's all American. He also notes what would be the ten commandments or rules for living, using the 'great' Ben Franklins rules as a guideline. And then there's Daisy, Gatsby's reason for working so hard toward greatness; he didn't do anything for himself, but he did do it for her....... for love. "The greatest of these is love," (I Corinthians, Chapter 13). In the end he dies for that love, and this is where Fitzgerald likens the character to Jesus; Gatsby wants Daisy to come with him; he did everything the right way and yet still had to die. This is the reason the character Nick states that Gatsby is really better than all the rest of them. It is a great thing to sacrifice yourself for those you love. These are the things (or some of them) that Fitzgerald uses to symbolize Gatsby's greatness.


The Great Gatsby