The Great Gatsby

What is Gatsby's dialogue like in this chapter? What does it tell us about Gatsby?

Chapter 5

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Gatsby’s character throughout his meeting with Daisy is at its purest and most revealing. The theatrical quality that he often projects falls away, and for once all of his responses seem genuine. He forgets to play the role of the Oxford-educated socialite and shows himself to be a love-struck, awkward young man. Daisy, too, is moved to sincerity when her emotions get the better of her.


The great gatsby

Gatsby's dialogue is awkward, nothing like the confident man we think he is up to this point. In this chapter, we see a quiet, unsure, and secretive human being. None-the-less, the suave and somewhat braggadocious Gatsby returns as he becomes a bit more sure of himself with Daisy.

Source(s): The Great Gatsby