The Great Gatsby

Chapter 7 parallels Chapter 1 in many ways. One example is the initial setting at the Buchanans'.Identify at least two other similarities and discuss what might be Fitzgerald's purpose for this parallelism.

Chapters 1 and 7

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Nick’s parting from Gatsby at the end of chapter 7 directly parallels his first sighting of Gatsby at the end of Chapter 1. Both chapters find Gatsby standing alone in the moonlight as he pines for Daisy. In the first chapter, he reaches his arms toward the green light in the distance, believing his future will see the realization of his dreams. Whereas in Chapter 7, he's moved past the green light and focuses his attention on the lawn of Daisy’s home. In Chapter 7 however, Gatsby no longer hold hope of his dream coming true.


The Great Gatsby/ Chapter 7