The Grapes of Wrath

Religion, Charity, and Hard work + The Reds

● What do the events in chapter 22 say about charity, religion, and hard work?

● What and who are the "reds"?

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In Chapter 22, the man from the camp says they do not allows charitable collections. The do, however, allow people to work off their debts, thus, insuring the debt is paid.

"Well, the camp site costs a dollar a week, but you can work it out, carrying garbage, keeping the camp clean—stuff like that."

Tell you what they did—you know the Holy Roller preachers all the time follow the people around, preachin' an' takin' up collections? Well, they wanted to preach in this camp. And a lot of the older folks wanted them. So it was up to the Central Committee. They went into meeting and here's how they fixed it. They say, 'Any preacher can preach in this camp. Nobody can take up a collection in this camp.' And it was kinda sad for the old folks, 'cause there hasn't been a preacher in since."

In the same section, religion seems to be a way to make a collection..... when the preachers were told they couldn't take up a collection..... they stopped preaching.

Hard work makes for a well run camp. Everyone is expected to do their share.

The Reds are the communists.

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The Grapes of Wrath