The Grapes of Wrath

Ma is uneasy about toms parole. How do his view and her view differ?

What are they're thoughts?

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Ma is worried about Tom's parole because one of the conditions is that he stay in the state. In leaving with his family, he has broken the law. Ma is frightened he'll be caught, especially since as soon as he crosses the state line he's done a crime.

"I can't he'p it," she said. "Minute you cross the line you done a crime."

Tom's view is simple, he believes that as long as he doesn't get into any trouble, the authorities will never know. He also cites that the government has his fingerprints, and if he's caught they'll simply send him back. Anyway, he feels that taking his chances on breaking parole is a better option than starving to death.

"Tom held his hand over his eyes to protect himself from the lowering sun. "Don't you worry," he said. "I figgered her out. They's lots a fellas out on parole an' they's more goin' in all the time. If I get caught for anything else out west, well, then they got my pitcher an' my prints in Washington. They'll sen' me back. But if I don't do no crimes, they won't give a damn."


"I can't he'p it," she said. "Minute you cross the line you done a crime."

"Well, that's better'n stickin' aroun' Sallisaw an' starvin' to death," he said. "We better look out for a place to stop."

They went through Bethany and


The Grapes of Wrath