The Grapes of Wrath

Can you predict any particular tragedy or triumph for a main character?

By chapter 26 what predictions did you make as of the ending of the book? Will it be a tragic ending or something comic and giddy.

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I cannot think that anything will happen in the book that is either comic or giddy. The Joads have been on a journey which has given them nothing and every time they seem to be getting a "handle" on their dilemma, things turn and knock them down again. Everything for them is about hoping for the future and then having that future punch them in the face. Peaches picked by a family earning only a dollar a day - certainly they expected the peach orchard to be what they had thought CA would be - a land of milk and honey. At best, the reader can hope that something good about humanity might come out of this experience; however, their dreams have been smasked and smasked and smashed.

Do the Joad's seemed to be doomed by chapter 26?


I couldn't really tell, besides the fact that their hopes and dreams are shattered more than once.