The Glass Menagerie

1. Why is Tom being used as a narrator of the play?

2. Is the use of Tom as a narrator effective?

3. Are Tom and Amanda both have a view of instinct? What are they?

4. Jim analyses Laura's character in the last scene. How does his analysis reveal his own character?

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Tom can be seen as the only real character. A character that has a specfic plan for life. The use of tom as the narrator is effective because he does not live in the fanasty world as tge other characters do. You can in a sense trust what he is saying. Tom and laura,s view on instinct is that tom wants to have that animal like instinct where as laura is afraid of it. Jim can be consdidered the only character that lives in a real world not a fanasty wolrd like the others,he sees laura for who she is and what she can become. It shows that jim is realistic in his views.


The play,the glass menagrie