The Glass Castle

what family member wishes to feel safe

give two examples

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I think all the children want to be safe. Jeannette certainly longs for security. Rex constantly keeps his family on the move. Rex usually does something that causes them to move. There are various reasons father wants to "skedaddle". Sometimes they are to be evicted or sometimes they are in danger. In any case most of the family's troubles are brought upon them by Rex's incompetence as parent and provider. At her home in Southern Arizona, three-year old Jeannette Walls’ pink dress catches fire while she is cooking hot dogs in her family’s trailer. The account is described as the author’s first memory. Upon hearing her child’s screams, Jeannette’s mother rushes in from the other room and puts out the flames with a wool blanket. She then grabs Jeannette and her younger son, Brian, and goes to the neighboring trailer to ask for a ride to the hospital. Jeannette’s injuries are serious but the doctors are able to treat the burns by giving her a series of skin grafts, replacing the burned skin on her upper body with skin from her upper thigh.