The Glass Castle

What effect does Jeanette's father's death have on the family?


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One day Rex calls Jeannette and asks her to come visit and to bring a gallon of vodka. Reluctantly, she arrives at their apartment on the Lower East Side where Rex announces that he is dying. Jeannette is unable to imagine life without her father but only two weeks after that visit he has a heart attack and dies, spending his last days hooked up to machines. After Rex dies Jeannette begins to feel restless and unsettled. The rest of the family has forged their own way in life and Rex's death is viewed more objectively. Jeannette develops a need to always be moving, headed towards someplace instead of being there. A year later she divorces Eric, deciding that neither he nor Park Avenue were the right fit for her. She moves to an apartment on the West Side and looks forward to seeing Venus when the sky is clear enough.