The Glass Castle

What do you think about the mother’s attitude toward cooking?

I don't wanna be a guy here to just post questions and copy the answers. I was put my though on this and I was wondering if I'm in the right ball park, am I missing something?

"Rose Mary is an artist. Her attitude toward cooking is fixing a meal that will be gone in a hour when she can paint that will last forever."


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Well your quote is a great example of Rose Mary' s attitude towards food and cooking. Rose Mary would rather work on her art than provide a meal for her children. This gross negligence is really part of what makes Rose Marry such a bad parent. At one point she allows a three year old Jeanette to cook hot dogs in the trailer. This leads to a bad burn. Rose is wrapped up in her own world. She projects her own parental apathy directly on to her kids by using pathetic justifications like your above quote.

Rose Mary doesn't ever want to cook anything for her children, they pretty much fend for themselves because the parents are too busy trying to do things that make them happy and not fed for their family as a whole.

Mary is what i would call a starving artist mixed in a high ball glass of narcissism. She argue's the point with her children that a painting or a story would last a life time but a meal would be gone in an hour. While her kids starved she painted with vigor completely lost in her art and not seeing the importance of parenting.


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