The Five People You Meet in Heaven

What does Tala have Eddie do when he steps in the water?

What does tala have Eddie do when he steps in the water

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Tala has Eddie bathe her when he stpes into the river.

Eddie dragged himself into the river.

He took the stone. His fingers trembled. "I don't know how. . . ." he mumbled, barely audible. "I never had children. . . ."

She raised her charred hand and Eddie gripped it gently and slowly rubbed the stone along her forearm, until the scars began to loosen. He rubbed harder; they peeled away. He quickened his efforts until the singed flesh fell and the healthy flesh was visible. Then he turned the stone over and rubbed her bony back and tiny shoulders and the nape of her neck and finally her cheeks and her forehead and the skin behind her ears.

She leaned backward into him, resting her head on his collarbone, shutting her eyes as if falling into a nap. He traced gently around the lids. He did the same with her drooped lips, and the scabbed patches on her head, until the plum-colored hair emerged from the roots and the face that he had seen at first was before him again. When she opened her eyes, their whites flashed out like beacons.

"I am five," she whispered.


The Five People You Meet in Heaven